Severe Weather Guide

Weather-Related School Closings

The safety of Thomaston-Upson School System's students and employees is of primary concern when making the decision to close school due to severe weather conditions. When severe weather threatens our community, school system administrators work closely with local emergency management officials and monitor reports from the Upson County and GA Emergency Management Agencies and the National Weather Service.

Who makes the decision?

If severe weather or any other emergency situation requires the closing of Thomaston-Upson Schools, the Superintendent will make the decision based on information gathered from emergency management personnel, city and county officials, local law enforcement, and the GA DOT.

When do they make the decision?

The decision to close school is made as early as possible so that the information may reach parents and guardians in a timely manner.  

How will I know about a school closing?

Parents, guardians, and school system employees will be notified of the closing by receipt of a phone call, tex, and/or email from the school system's automated notification system.  Therefore, it is extremely important that parents and guardians have a current home phone number or personal cell phone number on file with the school(s). It is also very important that you answer your phone if you suspect that the school may be calling to report a school closing, since the automated system may not leave a complete message on your phone's answering machine. Parents may also monitor the school district website (, facebook site ( and local media outlets for information on school closings. The Thomaston Police Department, the Upson County Sheriff's Department, and the Georgia State Patrol will be notified of school closings.

The following media are notified by the Thomaston-Upson School System in the event of an emergency closing:
Local Media - WTGA Fun 101 FM, The Upson Beacon
When possible, regional media are also notified of an emergency closing:
Regional Media - Fox 5/WAGA, 11 Alive/WXIA, 2/WSB



  1. Plan Ahead
  2. Arrange for alternate child care. Have a responsible adult (relative, friend, or neighbor) who is willing to help out during a weather emergency.
  3. Make sure you have updated your contact information within Infinite Campus Parent Portal and at your child's school.
  4. If you will be allowing your child to be at home by himself, discuss safety measures and leave phone numbers where he can get in touch with you and/or a responsible neighbor.
  5. In case of power outages: If a land line phone number is on record at your child's school, make sure you have one phone that plugs into the phone line (not portable/ electrical phones that plug into electrical outlets). If a cell phone is on record at your child's school, keep cell phones charged and on.


  1. Students may be checked out or picked up at school during a Tornado Watch.
  2. Students may NOT be checked out or picked up at school during a Tornado Warning.
  3. If a Tornado Warning occurs during release time on a school day, students will be held at school until it is deemed safe by the National Weather Service or the Georgia Emergency Management Association.