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Welcome to Upson-Lee Pre-K

Upson-Lee Pre-Kindergarten provides innovative and fun educational experiences that help develop the intellect and the imagination of four-year old learners. The program is designed to develop pre-academic and social skills that will allow these students to succeed in Kindergarten and throughout their educational careers. ULPK students learn to become independent, self-confident, enthusiastic learners.  

Upson-Lee Pre-K is housed in a beautifully renovated building that was originally the James R. Atwater Science Building of the Thomaston City School System. The building consists of six classrooms with twenty-two students per class, a cafeteria, and a large auditorium. All classrooms have learning centers designed to promote various developmental skills in seven areas: Language and Literacy; Math Development; Science Development; Social Studies Development; Creative Development; Physical and Health Development; Social Emotional Development; Approaches to Play and Learning.    

Parent involvement in the Pre-K experience is encouraged through Parent Orientations, Parent Workshops, Parent Fairs, Student/Parent Talent Night, Student/Parent Thanksgiving Luncheon, the VIP Reader program and more. ULPK provides a happy and loving first-year experience at school.




ULPK Teachers & Staff


Beth Kelly, Teacher
Jennifer Risinger, Teacher
Jessica Watson, Teacher
Ashley Reed, Teacher
Angela Ranow, Teacher
Kira Michael, Teacher 


Samantha Cathcart, Teacher Assistant 
Evelyn Dennis, Teacher Assistant  
Sonia McElhenney, Teacher Assistant  
Alisa Walker, Teacher Assistant 
Brittany Wilder, Teacher Assistant  
Angela Smith, Teacher Assistant 
Faye Dawson, Secretary   
Lynn Fallin, School Nutrition
Troy Woodard, Custodian


Pre-K Pics

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