BOE Policy DJED: Bids and Quotations

All contracts for and purchases of supplies, materials, equipment, and contractual services shall be based, when possible, on at least three competitive bids.  Purchases made in the open market shall be consummated after careful pricing.

All contracts and all open market orders will be awarded to a responsible qualified supplier.

When bidding procedures are used, bids shall be advertised appropriately.  Suppliers shall be invited to have their names placed on mailing lists to receive invitations to bid.  When specifications are prepared, they will be mailed to all merchants and firms who have indicated an interest in bidding.

All bids must be submitted addressed to the Board/Superintendent, and plainly marked with the name of the bid and the time.

The Board will consider the acceptance of local bids if the bid does not exceed an out of town bid by 5%.

Current Requests for Bids

  1. District Paper Copier Contract - The Thomaston-Upson County School District is soliciting sealed bids for paper copiers for a two-year contract period. Bid must include  the cost (if any) of returning copiers at the end of the lease period. 

    View specifications for the copiers.

    All bids must be in a sealed envelope addressed to: 
    Thomaston-Upson County School District
    205 Civic Center Drive 
    Thomaston, Georgia 30286 

    Bid Due Date: Monday July 27, 2020 at 10:00 a.m., at District Office, 205 Civic Center Drive, Thomaston, Georgia 30286. ALL bids must be received by 10:00 or bids will be disqualified. The Thomaston-Upson County Board of Education reserves the right to reject any and all bids. Please note that we may ask for a copier demonstration of the top two bids we are interested in. If your bid is accepted, you will be notified by Wednesday, July 29, 2020. Copiers must be received and installed by Tuesday September 22, 2020 at all locations.